Top Salon Treatments For Dry Hair

Having lustrous and thick hair is a dream for millions of women and men. However, that dream remains hard to achieve for many!Dry hair is a problem that people of all age groups suffer from and it is not restricted to only women. The reasons for dry hair are numerous. A few worthy of mention are:exposure to chemicals, pollution, sunlight, excessive heating, dietary habits etc.

How to treat dry, dull hair

The market is flooded with dozens of products to treat dry hair and scalp. However, resorting to OTC hair care products does not always help.The chemical substances and allergens present in some such products can aggravate dry scalp and hair problems. While using herbs and natural extracts is certainly a better idea, not everybody has the time to make homemade hair packs nowadays! So, opting for specialized salon treatments for dry hair remains the other viable choice.

Top salon treatments for dry hair

Below listed are top salon apartments you can avail for dry hair and scalp issues:


Nanomax is a very effective salon treatment that can do wonders for dry and damaged hair. It involves infusion of proteins into the hair through a mist released through a specialized brush. In the process, the hair is cleansed with a shampoo first. It is then blow dried at low heat. Then the brush is used to coat the hair with conditioners, it is followed by application of the mist. The entire process may take more than an hour, based on the length and volume of the hair. The effects of this treatment last for more than a month.

Deep conditioning treatment-

This is one treatment for rescuing dry hair that you will find in a lot of herbal spa and salons these days!This treatment involves application of nourishing hair oil or natural plant extract on scalp and hair. Steam is used to open scalp pores and then the oil is left on hair for an hour or so and then the hair is cleansed with shampoo. The oil is warmed before application so that it can get soaked by scalp and hair cuticles well. This helps soften dry and dull hair. Generally jojoba or olive oil is used and they can also be applied after mixing.

Keratin treatment-

While Keratin treatment is meant more for hair, straightening it can also be beneficial for others. There are women and men who have dry, frizzy hair that has become dull after applying excess hair color and styling products. Keratin treatment suits their needs quite well. This method works great on chemical and color treated hair.

Rejuvenating Masks-

Just like fruits and natural extracts are used to make facials there are some salons that offer hair masks. These masks made mostly of specialized marine products, kelts, seaweeds hydrate scalp and dry hair. It also helps make hair strands stronger. It is applied in gel or paste form on hair, left to dry and then washed off with water.

Points to keep in mind

While opting for salon treatments can be great for resolving dry hair woes, there can be a few downsides as well!

Some of these salon treatments, notably keratin treatments can have a great impact on scalp and hair. Those with sensitive scalp may suffer side effects like rash and scalp flakes later. It may not be suited for women who have conceived as well. Application of certain natural extracts like seaweed on hair and scalp may notgo down well with all. It is ideal that you consult with a professional hair expert before opting for salon treatment for dry and damaged hair.

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