Top 5 Kid Friendly Key West Attractions

Key West is a beautiful city in Monroe County, Florida, United States. It is the southernmost city Continental United States and also an exciting place to spend the vacations. There’s plenty to fall in love with here. Key West has a magic and vibe that’s all its own. This vacation destination appeal to families with kids of any age – from toddlers all the way to young adults.

The Duval Street’s gauntlet of bars is really famous as an adult playground. Fortunately, there are family-friendly places, too. You just have to know where to look. Several of the island’s resorts have beautiful white sand beaches, families staying anywhere in Key West can find their place in the sun. Here are some popular family activities you can do while you are in Key West:

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One thing everyone loves about the sea are the dolphins. The Dolphin Safari is a six passenger boat and is a great opportunity to see the dolphins out in the wild. Along the way, you’ll come across other sea animals like the manatees, seat turtles and the stingrays. You can also see the tropical fish go all crazy when you toss a piece of pineapple in the water. You’ll surely catch a glimpse of at least one pod of dolphins frolicking in the open water. The trip includes 45 minutes of snorkeling in the reefs, and the equipment is included.


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This colorful open-air train is a good way to get an overview of the city on clear days. Their bright yellow trains have been winding the shady streets of Old Town since 1958. It is a 90-minute tour which covers all of Key West’s highlights, including the Southernmost Point, but the number of stops to get on and off is limited. The trolley tour offers 12 stops where passengers can get on and off and features more than 100 attractions and points of interest. They also provide an entertaining commentary on the legends of the city like Robert the haunted doll, who lives at Fort East Martello


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This attraction spot will be your child’s favorite. The swirling butterflies, colorful birds, bright Koi fish, pink flamingos and turtles will surely amaze your child. Approximately, 1200 to 2,000 of these winged beauties reside in the conservatory, and if one chooses to land on you, it’s a sign of good luck. The entrance to the conservatory offers children a wealth of learning opportunities about the life cycle and behavior of these stunning insects. Cocoons are labeled with the species names and are on display in the glass-enclosed pupa room toward the rear. This place, undoubtedly, is going to leave you and awe and you’ll wind up staying longer than planned. Do not forget to pick up some nature-themed games and puzzles.


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This is a popular spot to soak in some rays and take a dip in the shallow water, not very far from the Duval Street in the Old Town Key West. Amenities include tennis courts, volleyball courts, children’s playground and a dog park, and White Street Pier extend far past the sand for stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The end of the pier is also a great spot for kids to toss bread in the water for the fish. Tropical Water Sports, a beach concessionaire, offers a broad array of beach accessories for rent including beach chairs, umbrellas, kayaks and paddle-boards.


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A popular backcountry adventure is Kayaking around the mangrove islands and shallow flats surrounding Key West. Participants can kayak at a relaxed, comfortable pace and also learn more about the wildlife inhabiting the Florida Keys. Bill Keogh of Big Pine Kayak Adventures offers a variety of family-friendly outings perfect for children of all ages.

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This fun-tastic evening event is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. If your family enjoys carnivals, don’t miss watching the sunset at the docks at Mallory. Every day at sunset, the locals and the tourists gather to celebrate the end of the day. This event is extremely popular and extraordinary acts by acrobats, animal acts, street performers, musicians, portrait artists, craft exhibitors, food vendors Square are surely going to be enjoyed by your children.

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  1. I love watching dolphin safari and it looks amazing , really 🙂 I love watching dolphin safari and it looks amazing , really 🙂 I love watching dolphin safari and it looks amazing , really 🙂

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