Top 10 Foods Rich in Potassium

The world is going gaga over healthy eating. Everyday a new diet is proposed that claims to be the one that can change the way you feel. But, all you need in order to enjoy good health is a balanced diet. A diet that contains a good proportion of minerals and vitamins.

Potassium is one such mineral that needs to be an integral part of your daily diet. This mineral helps in proper functioning of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. It also aids in muscular function and also helps to manage blood pressure.

Studies suggest that potassium lowers the risk of an untimely stroke. Doctors suggest a daily intake of at least 4700 milligrams. Consuming salt that has a good percentage of potassium in itself will help you reach your daily requirement of the mineral. However, if you suffer from kidney ailments caution needs to be exercised in over consumption of potassium.

Here are the top 10 foods rich in potassium that can be easily integrated into your daily diet.

Top 10 Foods Rich In Potassium

White Beans

White beans are easily available and used in most cultures and cuisines. Fresh white beans give an instant energy boost to the body and this is why street fighters are said to consume in their morning diet and lunch menu. Fresh bean can be simply munched.

However, if you do not fancy chewing a handful of white beans, a simple way to consume them is to soak them overnight and then steam them. You will be surprised to know that the bean’s nutritional value increases several manifolds after soaking in water. Activated beans provide much potassium that increases body strength and reduces stress and fatigue. Consuming white beans also helps greatly in combatting skin diseases. There are many recipes available in the kitchen world on how to use these wonder beans. Steamed white beans can also be dropped into your salad.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes like most of you may already know,are a rich source of potassium.But other forms of tomatoes like puree and sauce too provide a good amount of potassium. Sun-dried tomatoes contain more than 1850 mg potassium per one tea cup. People can get at least 40% of their daily required dosage of potassium from sun-dried tomatoes. Apart from potassium the sun kissed tomatoes also provide high amounts of fiber, vitamin C, and protein. Tomatoes help in boosting the immune system of the body. Tomatoes can be added to just about any dish. They go well with sandwiches, in salads and even in curries. A topping of tomatoes on your pizza is yet another way to enjoy this potassium rich veggie.


There are many varieties of potatoes in the market:  Red, White, Sweet etc. And all of the varieties are a very good source of potassium. Did you know that one medium sized Russet potato can provide as much as 900 mg of potassium! Besides potassium potatoes are also rich in vitamin C, B6, and iron. Potatoes are rich in fiber and hence said to help in treating constipation. This does not mean that you can binge on potato chips.Steer clear from frying potatoes! You can simply bake or steam the potatoes to prepare a healthier meal than frying them.

Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a fruit rich in fiber. It also is a good source of antioxidants, and minerals. One cup of Acorn squash provides as much 900 mg potassium. If you do not enjoy eating the fruit raw,you may roast it with pepper, brown sugar, and add a pinchof salt to make a quick midday snack. Being sweetish to taste, the acorn squash is a delight to those who have a sweet tooth.


We already know that many fruits and vegetables are good sources of potassium. But, did you know that dairy products can also add the mineral in your diet. You can derive as much as 300 mg potassium from a cup of skimmed milk, and at least 400 mg of potassium can be found from the same amount of nonfat milk. You can get as much as 350 to 500 mg of potassium from one cup of yogurt depending on the variety.

Apricots, Figs and Peaches

Apricots, figs and peaches are no longer seasonal or limited to geographic boundaries. They are easily available round the year and are replete with potassium. They can be eaten dry or fresh and provide as much as 1500 mg of potassium in a 1 serving of these fruits. Chop or slice them into a bowl and top it with some honey and munch away to good health.

Fish (Salmon)

Fish needs no introduction whatsoever. Replete with antioxidants, omega 3s and a dozen other nutrients, most varieties also provide the amount of potassium that is needed by the body for normal body functioning. Salmon in particular is rich in potassium. A 3 Oz. serving of salmon can give you nearly 300 mg of potassium and 17 g of protein. Some varieties of salmon such as the Atlantic salmon can give you as much as 535 mg of potassium.

You can grill or bake salmon relatively easily at home. Simply brush salmon steaks with olive oil and sprinkle herbs of your choice and bake or even grill it. It is low in saturated fat and makes a great stew too.

Kidney Beans

You should find a way to add kidney beans in your meals if you want a good amount of potassium in their diet. Kidney beans are a great resource for potassium from which we can get more than 600 mg potassium from a 2 Oz cup. Kidney beans are also a rich in fiber, making it a healthy addition to your diet.Athletes and body builders soak these beans overnight and consume them raw or cooked. Other beans that are also rich in potassium are pinto beans, lima beans, and soybeans.


The fleshy avocado is yet another good source of potassium as it gives you a good 950 g of the mineral which constitutes your daily requirement for normal functioning and general wellbeing. Avocados help ward off heart ailments and pamper your heart. It regulates potassium-sodium levels in the body and reduces cholesterol levels considerably. Avocado is versatile and can be incorporated into any meal. Most cookbooks have dozens of avocado recipes. If you do not enjoy cooking, simply mash the pulp in a glass of milk and drink it up!


As we all know that banana is a rich in iron, it is also a carrier of potassium. It is one of the best and affordable sources of potassium that man has ever discovered. You can gain 400 mg of potassium by eating just one banana. Banana is also rich in fiber, Vitamin B6 and C that help improve your immunity and make you less susceptible to flu and colds. If that is not enough, bananas also help in better bowel movement and can be safely consumed by both adults and children alike. Add bananas to your fruit salad, bowl of cereal, smoothie or simply munch into one each morning.

These are just a few of the many foods that are rich in potassium and can give the necessary dosage of the mineral to the body which is very essential for general health and well being. Add them to your daily diet. All of these food are easy to procure and easy to cook. They make a healthy and delicious meal while also offering your health a great boost.

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