Tips To Keep Your Tresses And Skin Healthy This Monsoon

While we all wait for the pitter-patter of rain and simply love how the earth smells when those beautiful raindrops touch the ground, many will agree that their skin and hair health begin to suffer. The moisture and pollutants in the air, do more damage than good, and it becomes important that we pamper our skin and hair, lest they will be robbed of their shine and glow.

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Hair care tips

Did you know that losing about 50 strands of hair to your hairbrush each morning, is normal? But when this count goes up to over 200 strands a day during monsoon, it is definitely panic time! Below listed are a few simple tips that can help you protect and care for your hair this monsoon.

Bring on the caps: Since the air is high on humidity during monsoon, it makes your scalp more prone to hair related woes. A good idea would be to bring home some colourful caps that you can mix and match with your daily attire. Not only will you be making a cool statement you will also be caring for your hair!

Wash those tresses:  Whether they are golden, auburn or black, those pretty tresses need some caring during monsoon. Be sure to wash your hair at least thrice a week, to ensure you do not contract a fungal infection. If you cannot go all natural, pick very mild shampoos that will cleanse your hair and scalp and also give it some volume.

Avoid styling: The straightener and curler are, without doubt, a girl’s best pal. But, lock up your buddies until the rains are gone. Coloring and other hair treatments tend to weaken your hair further from within, that can accelerate hair loss. If you still wish to try a new look this season, you could opt for a short and trendy hair cut that will be easy to wear and manage and also make you look uber cool.

Use plenty of conditioner:  Be sure to bring home bottles of conditioner when you step out to the mall. The more you condition your hair during monsoon, the better! Frizzy hair can be easily managed with proper conditioning, which means less hair fall. While off the shelf conditioner can do the trick, we suggest  a pack made of egg and yolk, which will keep your hair, soft, shiny and very manageable.

Skin care tips

Now it is time for skin care tips, and there you go we have a plethora of tips that you can try this monsoon.

No matter how happy you may be after that first torrential rainfall that marks the beginning of the monsoon, remember that monsoon spells skin woes. Dusty winds are a part of monsoon and when these settle on your skin and make it look very dull and lifeless.  A healthy skin regimen in the monsoon, can make you look fresh and radiant as always.

Hydrate:  Yes, your grandmother was right. The more water you drink the more will your skin glow. And boy oh boy, did will ridicule her! Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, even if it means you need to run to the washroom! Water eliminates the toxins from your body and rehydrates it. This means it paves way for supple and glowing acne free skin.

Exfoliate: It is important that you ensure that  the pores of your skin do not get clogged, which is very common during monsoon. If you want to do away with that oily look, exfoliate regularly. This will help in removing dead skin and rendering a soft and glowing aura. You can either try out exfoliators of big names like Lakme and Himalaya, or simply use rawa mixed with some besan and curd for wondrous results.

Moisturise and pamper your skin: A pack of papaya and honey or even oats and honey will help bring out a glow on your skin. If you feel your skin feels too oily and greasy. Just apply this pack on alternate days, and get rid of greasiness. Be sure to apply sunscreen even on a rainy day. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays, that still do the rounds on a rainy day.

These simple tips will go a long way in making you look like a glam queen even on those rainy days. Whether you love the rain or it causes you gloom, be sure to give your hair and skin the love and care they deserve!

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