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Ten less known dishes of Dussehra

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Dussehra is a fascinating festival celebrated all across the country under different names like Navartri, Durgostav, Dassara, Vijay Dash, etc. This ten-day festival falls in the lunar month of Ashwin (usually in September or October) from the Shukla PakshaPratipada (the next of the New moon day of Bhadrapada) to the Dashami or the tenth day of Ashwin. It is the …

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All about Navaratri and the many bhogs offered to Maa Durga

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Navratri is one of the most popular and biggest festivals in India after Diwali. The festival welcomes Maa Durga and starts nine days preceding VijayaDashmi or Dussehra exactly a day after PitrumokshaAmavasya.  These nine days are considered highly auspicious during which the Goddess is worshipped and different prasadam or naivedya is offered to her. Goddess Durga fought for nine days …

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