Special Tips To Care For Long Hair

Hair is a part of your body that needs special care and nurturing, whether you are a guy or a girl. For women, the task is a little tougher since they have longer hair than men. While a lot of women opt for short hairstyles and cuts to keep tresses manageable, you will still find ladies with really long and beautiful locks of hair.

Long, lustrous hair adds to your looks beyond doubt, but maintaining it properly can be tedious!We present to you a few simple tips that can help you manage your pretty long hair.

A few handy tips to maintain long hair in top shape:

Cleansing regularly:

Like your skin, cleaning hair is important and for those with long hair, proper cleansing is a must. Use a gentle and preferably herbal shampoo to clean hair thoroughly. Use shampoos thrice a week to avoid drying up of your hair and scalp. Ensure the water is neither too cold nor hot when you wash hair to avoid hair fall and breakage.

Conditioning after Every Wash-

It is also important that you condition long hair from time to time to ensure it glows with health. It helps prevent hair from becoming dry and lifeless. You can use any OTC conditioner, but it is advisable that you choose a conditioner that has natural extracts. You may also pour a few drops of coconut or olive oil in your conditioner to get silky, shiny hair.

Hair Mask-

To nourish any type of hair and scalp, using a hair mask made with herbal extracts and plant oils is extremely helpful. You can make such masks by blending ingredients like egg, yogurt and honey. Similarly massaging hair with a mix of coconut oil nod jojoba oil can be helpful. Steam your hair after a good oil massage to revitalize dull and lifeless hair.

Combing and Brushing-

To ensure long hair stays in shape and does not get entangled, brushing and combing it well becomes necessary. It is also necessary that you pick the right type of combs and brushes for long hair. Ideally, you should go for wood based comb and brushes with soft bristles and teeth. Refrain from combing our hair when it is still wet. When your hair is wet it is more prone to break, as it is. Always brush from the roots of the hair to the end in a slow manner without exerting too much pressure. If your hair gets entangled, use your fingers to release the tangle and then brush.

Using Hair Styling Products-

A lot of women resort to using products and accessories to style up their hair, but those with long hair need to be extra careful. Avoid using a hair dryer as much as possible. Even when you have to use one, stick to low heat settings. Similarly, do not overuse styling gel and cream based products. Just simple oiling once in two days, will pamper and condition your hair.

Trim Those Split Ends

To maintain long hair, trimming those split ends becomes necessary. Trimming split ends at home, is no herculean task.But, if you are not comfortable using a hand trimmer at home, go to a parlor and get your hair trimmed every so often. This will help avoid split ends and allow your hair to grow longer and stronger!

Diet and lifestyle-

While applying quality hair care products and accessories may help you nourish and maintain long hair; that is not enough! You also need to look into your diet and lifestyle. Stress can break down just about anything and even curtail hair growth.

Eating fresh foods replete with nutrients is a prerequisite for healthy and shining hair. You also need to stay away from junk foods and fat laden foods. Drinking plenty of fluids can further nourish your hair. A good night’s sleep and working out can do wonders to your body and hair health!

You no longer need to spend on expensive hair styling products or hefty parlor bills. Try these simple remedies, and see your hair health improve. In addition to the many tips mentioned, eat a balanced diet and sleep well. Devote half an hour to exercise, and see your hair grow beautiful and strong!

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