Simple Hacks to Remove Pet Odor from Home

Pet ownership comes with unique challenges like keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. People who own cats are infamous for having their homes smell like their feline pet. No matter how well you wash your pet or take care of its hygiene, a pet always leaves a certain odor in the house either due to defecating in the house or simply by its body odor. An animal is far smellier than a human due to its physiology; therefore it is very important that you keep your pretty house from smelling like your pet.

Here are some of the ways you can minimize your pet odor and keep your house from smelling like your pet.

Use Baking Soda:

Baking soda is an excellent odor absorber. You will be surprised at how effective this common kitchen ingredient can be when it comes to eliminating pet odor! Whenever your pet urinates inside the house, it is important that you use baking powder instead of just water to wash the place. This is because washing the urine with water will not get the place rid of the odor of the urine. All you need to do is sprinkle some baking powder at the place where your pet has urinated. Baking powder is safe to use and will not cause any damage to your furniture or rug fabrics. It is also safe to use around young kids!

As soon as your pet has urinated in the house, soak up the urine with a towel or dirty rug. Then sprinkle some baking powder on the wet area and allow it to dry. Once dried, remove the baking powder with a piece of cloth or vacuum clean the place. This will take care of the odor and will ensure that the place does not smell like your pet’s urine.

Wiping your house regularly with a pinch of baking soda can not just eliminate urine odor, but also pet odor in general. Follow up with a room freshener if you find the odor of baking soda offensive!

Use odor neutralizer:

If you have a pet that repeatedly urinates or defecates inside the house then you will need to use a pet specific odor neutralizer. Pets usually come back to the same place to urinate or defecate, they do so because the place smells like their urine. Therefore, to stop a pet from urinating or defecating in the same place you need to remove any odor that might be in that place.

To remove the odor from a place where your pet urinates or defecates repeatedly, first remove any trace of animal waste from that area. You can use paper towels or dirty rag to do the job. Then vacuum the place to make sure that no trace of animal waste remains in that place. Finally, spray an odor neutralizer that is specific to the pet you have. This will completely remove any traces of odor from that place, making it less likely that your pet will defecate in that place again.

Make a Vinegar-Baking soda Spray:

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda in a spray bottle is an excellent way to remove any pet odor in the house. You will need to mix equal parts vinegar and water and add about 4 tablespoons of baking powder to the solution and pour it in a spray bottle. This way you will get an inexpensive and highly effective odor remover. You can spray this liquid in the air to remove pet odor.

This spray can also help eliminate odor caused by accidents. Just clean the place your pet has urinated at, then sprays the mixture on that place and let it stay for about 5 minutes. Vinegar will remove the urine stain and baking powder will absorb the odor of the urine. After you have finished rubbing the place with a dirty cloth. The odor will be gone in no time at all!

Get a litter Box:

Cats and dogs prefer to defecate or urinate in a natural environment. This means that given a choice they would defecate on soil rather than on the carpet or the floor. Therefore, it is important that you get a litter box filled with sand for our pet to use. This becomes even more important if your house is an apartment and you do not have any open space for your pet.

Just keep the litter box outside the house or at a place where the smell would not be very prominent. Then train your pet to use the litter box, this should not be difficult as an animal will defecate in a place that smells like litter thus making sure that our pet will use the litter box over and over again. Clean the litter box every few days or even daily if you are particularly bothered by the smell. Using a litter box will localize the odor left behind by animal waste, thereby making it much easier to handle pet odor in the house.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide Solution:

Hydrogen Peroxide is a very effective odor remover. As soon as you find that your pet has defecated or urinated inside the house remove the animal waste. After you have removed the waste take a dry cloth and soak it with a solution made of hydrogen peroxide and water. You do not need to have a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide as it is a very powerful compound and even small quantities will do the job. Take the soaked cloth and place it at the place where the waste was cleaned and let it stay for a few minutes. Afterwards dry the place with a cloth or a drier, the place will be free of odor.

Note that hydrogen peroxide is a powerful reactive agent and can bleach your furniture or rug, therefore use dilute solution of the compound and do not let it stay for more than a few minutes.

Install a HEPA Filter and change the filters regularly:

Pet odor often gets trapped in your Ac’s air filter and recirculates in the house. This can be avoided by using a HEPA air filtration system. These filtration systems not expensive and can remove odor from several rooms. Also clean or change your HVAC filter on a monthly basis to remove any chance of trapped odor being trapped in the house.

Use wipes for your pet:

Pets especially dogs, are susceptible to playing in foul smelling places. If you have a pet that smells bad, try keeping it clean. You can wash your pet weekly or bi-weekly with pet shampoo. However, during the rest of the week try to wipe your pet with pet wipes. Make sure that the furs and paws of your pets are wiped clean. These pet wipes are usually nice smelling and also have odor neutralizer that will neutralize any bad odor your pet may have. Take special care of the ear region, especially if your pet is a dog as a dog’s ear produces a lot of wax which becomes a hotbed for bacteria which leads to foul smell.

Go to a Vet:

Animals have anal glands that secrete musty smelling substance. If your pet smells especially unpleasant, then there is a chance that its anal glands have clogged. To remedy the situation go to a vet and have your pet checked. The vet will check the anal gland and will drain it if it is clogged. This will get rid of nasty pet odor. Going to a vet is helpful, even in cases where the anal gland is not clogged as the vet can check the health of your pet and give it some supplements so that the pet does not smell.

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