Removing Skunk Odor With Simple Steps

Who loves having unpleasant odors persisting in the house? On the contrary, everyone wishes the house interiors, including the kitchen and washrooms to smell nice. However, sometimes you may have to put up with absolutely annoying and unpleasant odors in and around the house. From clogged drains to specific insects, the sources of such unnerving smells can be numerous, as it is.

However, nothing can possibly be more disgusting and irksome than skunk smell. These small furry creatures are notorious for spraying a pungent liquid around which can linger for quite some time. When this happens, you may find it taxing on your olfactory glands and getting rid of the odor becomes your top most priority.

Ways to get rid of skunk smell in house

There are several remedies to get rid of annoying skunk smell in the house. You can definitely try some of the OTC and commercial fragrances- meant for neutralizing this particular odor. However, before running to a shop for skunk smell busters, you may try some proven home remedies as well.

Home remedies to overcome the skunk smell

The benefit of trying homemade skunk smell remedies is that you get faster relief than what is possible after buying a product. You can apply these remedies at almost zero cost and their efficacy is also good.

Hydrogen peroxide solution-

This is the best option to deodorize clothes, accessories and furry pest affected by skunk smell. You will need to mix a cup of 3% Hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of baking soda together. You may also pour in a few drops of liquid dish wash into it. Spray these on clothes, curtains, bed covers and any cloth that may have been affected by the smell. Then wash those clothes in hot water using a strong detergent. Spray the solution on pets, albeit with caution to ensure it does not get into eyes or nose.

Bleach solution-

Skunks not only make the clothes and pets affected by the foul smelling spray, they can also leave house exterior like patio, garden affected in the same way! How do you ensure these areas get rid of skunk smell? It is simple actually- you can resort to the bleaching method! Make a solution by mixing one part of bleach with nine parts of water. Spray this solution on outdoor items like patio furniture, mats and stuffs like these. Ensure you rinse them well because bleach is pretty caustic. In fact, you should wear gloves and socks to protect your skin when applying this solution.

Vinegar solution-

You may not think of vinegar when skunk onslaught takes place! However, this kitchen liquid comes to rescue if you want to eliminate the smell. Just mix vinegar and warm water in a bucket in 1: 5 ratio. In this solution, you can dip clothes affected by the smell or other objects too. Let the clothes soak for a couple of hours in this solution. Thereafter, you can wash the clothes normally using warm water. For better results, do not use the dryer to dry these clothes and resort in the sun. To neutralize the odor in rooms, you may pour this solution in a spray bottle and spray it at home.

To get rid of persisting skunk smell in the rooms, it may be worthwhile to make a more concentrated solution of vinegar and water. Keep the solution in some small bowls in various parts of the room. This will absorb the stink to an extent. The result could be the smell of vinegar persisting but that should be tolerable compared to skunk odor! After sometime, when you remove these bowls, the acidic vinegar smell too will wither away slowly.


Using sunlight can be effective when you want to erase away traces of skunk smell. It will not be effective in reducing the pungent smell alone, but when you let in sunlight while following the other procedures the result will be far better. The ultraviolet rays also work well on curtains, fabrics affected by skunk smell.

Air Circulation-

If you keep the doors closed, the still air will have the unbearable stench persist longer in the rooms. Switch on the exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. They will help eradicate the smell from the interiors. Keep the windows and doors open for a long time, so that outdoor fresh air can come in as well. You may use large stand fans, by placing them strategically near air vents to throw out indoor air.

Essential oils-

Essential oils are useful for invigorating tired nerves and promoting relaxation. However, you can also use these natural extracts with nice aroma to overpower and eradicate the skunk smell in the house.

You can apply essential oils to cope with skunk smell in a number of ways:

  • First of all, you can mix essential oils like lavender and peppermint oils in warm water and spray the mixture, in the rooms using a spray bottle. You may choose one such oil or blend a few, based on the need and strength of the skunk odor, as it is.
  • It would also be a good idea to dip cotton balls in the essential oils and keep these near the bed, in the cupboard, near curtains and other places in the rooms.
  • You may use diffuser machines to spread the enchanting scent of essential oil inside the rooms.

Things to keep in mind

As it is, you may end up using more than one home based remedy to dissipate the skunk odor from house. No matter how many methods you choose, keep in mind that the sooner you apply the remedies the better outcome would be. The more delay you make, it would be even more tedious to remove the pathetic smell from your clothes, accessories and house interiors. This is because the skunk spray contains oily substances which ensure it gets soaked by air and stuffs easily. It would be wise on your part to start resorting to remedies as soon as you detect the skunk smell in or around the house!

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