Proteinaceous Food That You Should Already Be Eating!

It is quite important that men and women eat nutrient rich foods. Without daily intake of nutrients, it is not possible to stay healthy. Protein is among the topmost nutrients you should have with your meals. It plays a pivotal role behind tissue and cell development in the body. It also plays pivotal roles behind cell repair. From a working professional to an athlete everyone requires protein in his or diet. On an average, for every kg of body weight, you will need 1 gram of protein.

Nuances of protein

You get protein from a lot of foods, including animal meat and vegetarian sources. However, not all foods contain a generous amount of protein and in some cases, you need to limit intake of protein enriched foods because they also come replete with fat. Proteins are comprised of 20 amino acids, which are divided into ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ variants.

Foods that you should eat to obtain protein

Below listed are a number of foods that you can eat to ensure your body gets required amount of protein minus much fat or ingredients that are harmful for health. You can opt for both animal and veteran sources of protein:

Eggs- Eggs are yummy and they take a little time to be cooked. Besides, they serve as a great animal source of protein and contain all of the 20 amino acids. Yes, there is the risk of getting cholesterol, but you may costume only egg white to evade that! Eggs can be eaten at breakfast with boiled or fried form. You may mix them in salads and soups and use in sandwiches, the options are almost endless.

Milk- Milk often used in breakfasts is an ideal source of protein. You may consume milk in so many ways. Both hot and cold! Make milkshakes or pour some cocoa to add to the flavor. Milk can also be gulped down after mixing with oats and corn flakes. You may choose whole milk or skimmed milk based on your needs.

Yogurt- Yogurt, made from milk is one of the leading dairy products loved by even finicky eaters. Yogurts come in many flavors, but for the best results you should stick to the unsweetened and unflavored variants. Choose Greek yogurt if getting more protein is on your agenda. You maygulp down yogurt in breakfast or after dinner and top it with fresh fruits to add to the taste.

Animal meat sources- For a lot of people, protein rich food is almost equivalent to animal meat. However, not animal meat types are ideal for long term consumption. Lean cuts of beef and pork may be included in your diet but do not gorge on these meat for a long time and in hefty amounts. Lean beef comes with vitamin B12 and iron along with high amounts of protein.

Those who are on a weight loss regimeshould rather choose lean cuts of chicken and turkey. These meats also contain a fair dose of protein and negligible fat.

Fish is also a very good source of animal protein and some fish species are excellent in thisregard. Salmons, tuna and sardines also serve as sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which play pivotal roles in heart and brainfunctions in the human body. Shrimp is also a nice option which comes with vitamin B 12.

Green peas- vegans and vegetarians need not worry about protein sources! Green peas serve as an excellent source of protein for them. You can use them in so many dishes and also in salads.

Quinoa- You can resort to eating various grains to get protein, but quinoa is better than many of them. It is basically a seed, but packs in a hefty dose of protein per cup. It gives you nine essential amino acids together. It can be cooked in various ways and also contains antioxidants.

Beans- Beans are available round the year and in so many variants. They all have good doses of protein. You may use them in soups and broths and they go well with lentils too. You may buy them dried or canned and add them to just about any dish.

Lentils- Lentils come in many colors and varying tastes. They are boiled and prepared with vegetables and herbs mostly. Lentils also come loaded with essential minerals required by the human body. You can eat lentil steamed or add them to salads or curries. They can be eaten by any age group and are high in protein.

Chickpeas- Chickpeas not only are rich in protein, they also offer a generous amount of fiber per serving. This is a low calorie food that is ideal for people coping with obesity. Half a bowl of chickpeas gives your body a generous dose of protein.

Leafy green vegetables- it is true you will not get as much protein you get in lentils and nuts in these leafy greens. Greens, however,like kale and broccoli also contain essential minerals and antioxidants along with protein. They are generally imbued with dietary fiber. You should ideally mix up the leafy greens in your meals to get a good amount of all nutrients including protein. You may use the vegetables in many forms including in salads, soups, sandwiches and smoothies.

Nuts and nut butters- Almond, peanut and cashew are healthy fat rich and they also have protein. However, these nuts and butters made from them are also heavy in calories. So, you should eat them in controlled portions. This is especially true for those who are on low calorie diets.

Soy based foods- Soy based foods, including soy milk and tofu is ideal for people who want protein without resorting to eating animal meat. Soy also fits the bill well for those who are lactose intolerant.

Ezekiel Bread- This is not your run of the mill bread! Ezekiel bread has sprouted whole grains along with legumes as ingredients. This bread is replete with fiber and protein and just as delicious as normal bread. Today more and more people are resorting to eating Ezekiel bread thanks to it being highly nutritious.

Points To Keep in Mind

While eating these foods will surely provide your body with a high amount of protein, you need to keep a few aspects in mind. These are:

Way of cooking foods- A lot depends on the way you cook a food. Its protein quotient may be less by the time you eat if you use cooking methods like deep drying or use butter or similar oils. Using sautéing, baking and boiling can help preserve protein with other nutrients better. You may actually eat vegetables containing protein in raw forms.

Risk of allergy- You need to be careful about evading protein containing foods that you may be allergic to. Some seeds and vegetables that contain protein and nutrients may not be suited for you. This may vary from one person to another.

Health issues- When eating animal meat like pork and beef you need to be mindful about health issues. These meat types, often called red meat contain a fair amount of fat though the quotient depends on the cut eventually. If you already have cardiovascular ailments of heart issues, you should not be eating much beef and pork. Similarly, while eating sea fish you need to be careful about mercury contamination. Deep water sea fish may contain elevated amounts of mercury and so sticking to fish belonging to a freshwater region seems a safer choice. It is also better to buy meat and fish that are locally grown or captured than buying packaged variants.

Eat proteinaceous food in plenty, but also, be sure to add other veggies and a good dose of carbs. A good balanced diet is the key to good health.

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