Here is Why You Need to Choose Your Dream COURSE OVER Your Dream COLLEGE

“I really wish that you get an admission in BMS somewhere in Delhi University”. But mom, “I want to go for Mass Communication”.

“But you are having bleak chances of getting through any “good” college of DU for mass communication with no entrances this time”. “I know mom but I am still getting an admission in an IP university and that too in a decent college”. “Look, you only will be paid Rs 30,000 per month to the maximum   initially and your package will not be less than a lakh if you will be placed after completing your BMS”.

Does money ONLY matter??


“Ghar chota hoga. Gari choti hogi. Thora kam kamaunga. Par mai khush rahunga papa. Engineering mujhse nahi hoti. Mujhe wild life photographer banana hai. Rancho kehta hai jisme tumhara man lage vahi kam karo phir kam kam nahi khel lage ga .”

Yes you are right. This is an extract from the movie “3 Idiots”. Don’t you think ki Rancho sahi kehta hai ?

The anecdote above is not the story of only a single person. I think that’s the situation which nearly all of us face after completing our schools. Here the debate is not about how much you have scored in your board examination but what you going to go for as your career. The question is “Are you going to go for some course just because it offers a better salary or you are going to be tagged with one of the well known colleges for the next three or four years? Or you will be choosing something you really and actually want to do?”

I know the decision is not that easy to make. Besides everything, we want standard. We want to be associated with the best possible college in the city, we want huge campuses and we want to relish our college life. But sit for a while and think for a minute that does all this really going to matter after few years? Getting an admission in a good college does not always mean that you will be placed as a CEO somewhere at first chance. And for that matter if you anyway don’t have interest in your course then you really don’t deserve to be placed either.

After few years even if you will be facing any kind of problem even then you will get through it anyhow if you really mean what you will be doing. And don’t forget that you can give your 100% if and only if you love what you do.

And till the question of money lies, there isn’t any job today which does not offer you opportunities to rise. Be it a corporate world, Media world or fashion world, all you need to do is to do your best and remember God will never deny something which you actually going to deserve.

So don’t do the mistake which Farhan had done. He got a chance to say to his parents after almost completing his engineering but you might not be  that lucky to get an another chance. So think wisely and listen to your heart. Go for something which you think you have born for and not something which merely fills in your pockets. Because remember there is no greater asset than your own HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION.

Good Luck 😉


  1. The opening anecdote is my life right now in a nutshell. I want to study journalism with all my heart, but I am worried no reputed college is on my cards. Neither am I a 90 percenter nor ready for entrance exams. I can only get into one of those elite schools if I abandom my dreams and get one of those popular degrees. Can’t do that, in any case. Let’s see if IPU wants me!

    Thank you for this article. Made me hopeful, just a little bit.

  2. I love your views , and loved reading this , fully inspirational 🙂 I will now choose my dream course over college . It opened my eyes , i was looking for some best college to get admission .

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