7 Foods That Will Suppress Appetite

Every weight loss regimen is sadly sabotaged by the urge to snack! The calories are counted, food is cooked and eaten as per nutrition charts! And yet, our knees go weak by midday and we binge on junk or make up for the calorie deficit by eating anything our eyes fall upon!

So, how do we curb that urge to snack? The answer is yet another change in the way we eat! Do not let that dishearten you. While we may painstakingly choose our diet, it is also important that we choose what we eat wisely, so as to not sabotage our own efforts.

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Here are 7 foods that will suppress your appetite:

Eggs: Regardless of how many hours you spend in the gym or how many calories you burn, what you eat also can make or break the deal! Several studies suggest that an egg based breakfast keeps you feeling full longer than just on cereals and milk or a low carb morning meal. People who eat a low fat egg breakfast tend to feel less hungry for longer when compared to those who eat a wheat based meal.

Pulses: Pulses like many of you already know, are rich in proteins and low in fat content. Dried peas, lentils, and beans are all rich in fibre too, and keep you feeling satiated for longer durations of time.

Saffron extract: An extract of saffron that goes by the name Satiereal, can considerably reduce the urge to snack between meals. It helps control hunger pangs and improves not just satiety but also moods related to overeating.

Korean Pine Nut: This less known nut, can go a long way in suppressing appetite between meals. It is rich in long chain fatty acids that creates a feeling of fullness in those who consume the oil of this nut. Eating food cooked in this oil, promotes the production of a hormone called glucagon-like peptide 1, that signals the body to stop eating when full.

Almonds: Almonds not just improve blood pressure and reduce hypertension, but also help in controlling the craving to eat between meals. A handful of salted almonds gives you your required dosage of Vitamin E, while reducing hunger, thanks to the mono saturated fat present in them! It is also rich in protein and fibre that adds to its ability to reduce hunger pangs.

Apples: An apple makes a great breakfast as well as a midday snack! Rich in fiber, this fruit will keep you feeling less hungry between meals. It is also rich in water that adds to the bulk in your stomach when consumed. This means when you eat an apple, you tend to snack less. The pectin present in apples, will help regulate blood sugar spikes that also cause you to feel hungry at odd hours!

Mint: A refreshing drink of mint, will do both your mind and body, a lot of good! It is a very effective and affordable appetite suppressant. Simply drink down a smoothie made of mint and lemon, and do away with the urge to snack when the stress levels go high!

Simply shift your focus to a few rudimentary dietary changes and you will be successful in fighting that stubborn bulge. Eat healthy, and go from flab to fab in no time at all!

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