Choosing the Right Fence for Your Yard

If you require a new fence for your yard, there are many options. Depending on what you are looking for, you can go for privacy fencing, make your pool a safer place for your kids or even go in for fencing to keep your rambunctious dogs in. The choices are immense.

Here is some information to help you choose the right fence for your yard based on your needs and the outdoor living space.

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If you are looking for privacy, opt for a fence that has less or no space between the boards. This said, you can also gain privacy with lattice-fencing where the lattice is closely spaced. You can easily cover the gaps with climbing plants.

When it comes to privacy fencing, be mindful of the height of the fence. The height will depend on the slope of your yard as well that of your neighbor’s yard. Just make sure the height is adequate while standing and sitting to meet your privacy requirements.


One of the main functions of a fence is to make the property secure. So, if you are looking to install security fence, look at fencing that has a tall height, does not offer places for gripping and climbing into your property, is sturdy and comes with a lockable gate.

Typically, security fences should be a minimum of 8 feet in height, but you can also go in for a 6-foot fence and then increase the height with trellises, so that the fence is aesthetically pleasing and does not appear too ominous. Furthermore, make sure the boards are flushed and do not have external rails. This will deter prospective trespassers from climbing over.

Peaceful Yard
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If your home faces a busy street, choosing the right fence can turn your yard into a peaceful haven. Think of a fence with lattice design or small gaps between boards to let adequate light into your yard. You can then get privacy and block ambient sounds with the help of lush foliage hedges along the fence. Just ensure the height of the fence is sufficient to prevent passersby from peering into your yard or home.

Pool Security

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Pools can be treacherous for kids. Accidents can easily be avoided by securing your pool with a fence. Pool fencing has come a long way and today, you can choose aesthetically pleasing fencing to enclose your pool. Glass and aluminium pool fencing look attractive without compromising safety.

Remember, pool fences should be at least 48 inches in height and there should be maximum of 1-3/4 inches space between boards or panels. Furthermore, the latch of the gate should be child-proof and the gate should open outward, away from the pool.

Fence Your Dogs
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Dog owners know what nuisance hyperactive dogs can be. They can dig up your yard or jump over the fence and trouble passersby or harass neighbours. That’s the last thing you need. So, if you want to contain your pets in the front yard, cordon off an area within the yard with a pet-proof fence.

Chain link fences are great for this purpose. Usually, a 3- to 4-foot tall fence should suffice for smaller breeds, but you will need taller fencing for larger breeds. If your dog has a tendency to dig, make sure the fence is buried a minimum of 6 inches under the ground.

Choosing the right fence for your yard can make your home safer, give it more curb appeal and above all, give you peace of mind. However, make sure you adhere to local building codes and get a surveyor to determine your property line before you install the fence.


  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that lattice fencing with climbing plants can provide great privacy. My husband and I just moved into a new house, and we’d like to install a fence for privacy in our backyard, but we’re still trying to decide what kind. I’d really love the look of a lattice fence with vines climbing up it, and that would give us enough privacy, so we’ll definitely look into that. Thanks for the great post!

  2. My wife was telling me that we need to start looking at different fences, and I was curious about how you would choose one. It’s interesting that one of the main functions of fences is to provide security. It would be nice to get something that will protect my family.

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