Lentil Puree Recipes for Babies

If baby food were nearly as nice as babies, no baby would ever turn up their nose at the mushy purees. But the sad fact remains we seldom try to make baby food as good as regular adult food. The little ones may not be able to speak yet, but by feeding them bland, tasteless ‘healthy’ food, we forge a …

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Veggie Puree- Made Easy

Veggie puree for your baby is not just easy to make, but also very nutritious! Today, we show you how you can dish out a bowl full of vegetable puree- The Mediterranean Way! Mediterranean vegetables are delicious and easy to cook. When it comes to baby food, you can add these healthy vegetables to make your baby’s meal a lot more …

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Carrot, apple and sweet potato recipe

Apples, carrots and sweet potatoes are very healthy for your kid. But sometimes kids feel an aversion towards these sweet tastes. But you can turn this vegetable medley into something more delicious that your kid will not regurgitate in disgust. You can make a soup or a mash or even let the vegetables stew enough to become very soft. The …

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