Let Your Horoscope Help You Pick the Right Dog

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Who can deny the pleasure of having a lovable, furry animal welcome you home every night and sit by your side through all those bad moments? Many of you have spent days longing to have a pet dog at home. Yet when that day finally comes, the day that you finally manage to get the sanction of the entire family …

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What are the Benefits of Dog Ownership?

Dog lovers are always at war with cat lovers. This is one war that has no end, with each side trying to prove its pet is a better alternative. If you are part of the dog loving group, here are some benefits of dog ownership that you can brag about the next time you are in a debate with a …

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How to Get Your House to Not Smell Like Your Pets

Pets are indispensable members of your family. But what do you do when their smell suddenly becomes an indispensable part of your home? Here are some great tips to deodorize your home! Make baking soda your new best friend It is excellent at removing those ripe smells and odours. Particularly useful with new puppies and cats, baking soda is an …

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