Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

We are surrounded by enormous beauty products both herbal and chemical in nature, which are extremely beneficial for our skin and hair. Out of these beauty products, Argon oil stands out to be one of the most advantageous and expedient oil product to provide beautiful hair and skin to its users. Before we go on to discuss about the various benefits associated with argon oil, let us first go through what argon oil actually is and how do we obtain it.

What is Argan Oil?

Referred to as “Liquid gold”, argan oil, extracted from the argan tree kernels, which is a native tree in Morocco, is extremely beneficial for hair and skin.

Scientific research of the product has revealed that argon oil is extremely rich in vitamin E and many other nutrients including fatty acids.

Tracking down its origin, it has been found out that, argon fruit is extremely famous in Morocco. It is wholesome and has high nutritious value. People not only use its oil for hair as a conditioner and on the skin as a massaging agent, but also use them in salads.

Not just this, argon oil is highly famous for first aid provisioning, as in bug bites, rashes and infection from insects. Argon oil is basically obtained from crushing the nut inside the fruit. Generations after generations, Moroccans have used argon fruit oil as a dietary supplement.

How is Argan Oil Obtained or Produced?

In the southwest region of Morocco, the argan tree is extremely popular and spread across wide areas. Argan oil is typically obtained or extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. The tree has a very big lifespan of about 150-200 years. However, the tree does not produce fruit till it is 30-5- years of age.

This argan tree is obtained only in regions of Morroco and hence the oil obtained from the argan tree kernels is also very rare and as a result of this argan oil is highly expensive. However, because of its extraordinary benefits and amazing values, it is extremely high in demand.

The process of Obtaining Argan Oil from Argan Fruits:

1. The argan fruits are first collected.

2. The nuts present inside the fruits is then taken out and gathered.

3. Once the nuts are available, they are made to dry in the sun.

4. The nuts are then cracked and the kernels are obtained.

5. The kernels are then crushed and made into a paste.

6. The paste is then pressurized to extract the oil from it.

7. Purest form of argan oil has some sediments in it. However, it is considered to be the natural part and hence it is good not to be separated in the production process.

This is how the famous argan oil is obtained. It is highly rich in vitamin E and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Argan oil has various cosmetic qualities as a result of which it is extremely popular. It is also an important ingredient for beauty spa treatment.

Now that we know about what argan oil is and how it is produced, we shall discuss about its beneficial approaches on skin and hair.

How does Argan oil Help in Providing Benefits to the Hair?

Argan oil is extremely high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for hair and nails.

Shine on the hair: The ingredients of argan oil help keep the roots of your hair healthy. So, No more dull looking hair.

Regeneration of cells: Body cells are lost from the body surface every day and needs to be replenished. Argan oil will facilitate the same.

Brace for weather changes: Seasonal changes are inevitable. And, during such changes the body needs to fight the differences. Argan oil will come to the rescue.

Resistance to UV: UV radiations are a part of the sunlight that we receive. Argan oil provides protection from the harmful effects of UV.

Dry Scalp: Worse environmental conditions damage the scalp drastically. Argan oil keeps the scalp healthy and provides the necessary moisture.

Spilt ends: Split ends arise due to lack of nutrition. Argan oil fills that gap and reduces the occurrence of split ends.

These are some of the benefits of argan oil on hair.

This oil is for both women and men. In addition to all these astounding features, there are many others too that aid in making argan oil one of the most demanded cosmetic products among all. It reduces hair loss as it increases the circulation of blood to the scalp. Moreover, this oil is also considered to remove dandruff totally from the scalp by providing moisture to the scalp.

Argan oil is rich in both vitamins and antioxidants. It is mainly used as an important agent in shampoo as well as conditioners so that they can be used to repair the hair, which is considered to be damaged and is prone to have split ends and get dry and frizzy. Any damage caused to the hair as a result of usage of coloring agents is also repaired by this magically beneficial oil.

How is argan oil used on hair?

Argan oil can be used in two ways:

1. The oil can be applied on the scalp so as to moisturize the dry scalp and left overnight, so that the scalp can absorb the moisture.

2. The oil can also be just added to the dry ends of the hair so that they get the required nutrition to get repaired.

How does argan oil help in providing benefits to the skin?

We already know that argan oil is extremely rich in antioxidants. The result of this is that the oil on application on the skin helps in fighting with the free radicals present on the skin. This in turn helps in reducing the aging signs that come due to the presence of these free radicals in the skin.

Despite being highly expensive, it is mainly purchased by people due to its beneficial aspect of preventing early aging of the skin. The oil helps in the removal of wrinkles and prevents the skin from degenerating. As a result of this, the skin remains young, fresh and glowing for a longer period of time.

Nonetheless, there are many potential causes which makes the oil extremely famous for improving the condition of hair as well. Some of these extraordinary benefits are mentioned below:

1. Helps in removing stretch marks.

2. Burns gets healed up on application of argan oil

3. Acne, skin blemishes and scars get reduced when argan oil is applied.

4. Skin irritations gets reduced as the oil is also known to be non-inflammatory in nature.

5. Helps in providing moisture to dry skin.

6. Freshens up the skin by providing nutrition that increase hydration of the skin.

So, argan oil can be used as anti-aging, removal of dryness, for obtaining smooth and glowing skin and can be applied as a moisturizer too.

How to apply argan oil on skin?

Just like normal cosmetics, this oil can also be applied to the skin directly. Be it on the face or on the body, this oil can be applied directly just like a daily moisturizer. It is often recommended that one should apply the oil after they come out of the shower so that the user can obtain the best result of its moisturizing capability.

Now, that we know what are the basic benefits that are associated with argan oil, the most important question that crops up the minds of the readers is that, where do we get this oil and how do we store it?

To consider its shelf life, it has been tested and proclaimed that it is very slow in getting fetid. 1-year minimum is its life if it is stored in a cool and a dark place which is away from the sunlight.

One can easily find it in any health store as well as online.

So, do not waste time thinking of how you can improve the condition of your hair and skin. Apply argan oil and get that flawless and rejuvenating skin and hair that you desire.

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